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Heraclitusstudent says

There's radiations, asteroids, the fact that chemical propulsion sucks, is badly limited in range, the lack of gravity can kill people, but gravity pits are hard to escape.
Short term it's probably way easier to colonize the ocean.

NERVA, built 50 years ago, got 800 isp and was expected to have over 900 isp.

The moon is full of water ice and oxides, aluminium and iron.
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Bend it like Beckham

Harness your dong like Rapinoe
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Look at all the Human Rights and Technology non-Brown people were working on before Whitey showed up.

Why, the Fang of the Congo had a representative democracy with a constitution and enshrined Rights of Man, but then the Belgians took it all away, along with their steel smelting and combustion engine technologies.
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jazz_music says
What a dumb ass headline. Bold Haters Powerful Shame LOL Who wrote that shit?

Bold Faced Haters... whereever did he get that idea watching Leftists write and talk? hahahaha

jazz_music says
Home Depot loses money because there is a boycott. Ohhh, I see.

Leftist Men don't use tools and neither do Leftie Cat Ladies. There aren't enough dykes to make up the difference.

Chic Fil A is doing GREAT.
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The real question is why did Stonetear, Lisa Page, etc. get immunity. What did they trade immunity for?

It's very strange for investigators/prosecutors to give immunity in return for nothing - unless they want to protect friendly allies in an investigation meant to be a bogus whitewash.
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Automan Empire says
They DO, by the hundreds of millions every DAY. This is a very sensible campaign. A simple change of habits can reduce a plastic one use disposable by hundreds of millions of units a day, it would be crazy NOT to do.

Here's a no brainer:

Stop the giveaway of free needles, mostly plastic. Great for sanitation and to reduce plastic consumption.
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jazz_music says
20 women with nothing to gain have bravely come forward and formally accused Trump of raping them so far.

LOL. 20 women, all of whom are tied to Hollywood, Media, and the Democratic Party, you mean. But I repeat myself.

Dr. Ford got a million dollar payout for making up bullshit on Kavanaugh.
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Ah, more positive vibrations for the Peace and Love Gang.

Maybe Western Civ is vastly superior to most other civilizations. And the losers are sore losers who insist it's all a cheat. Economy of explanation.

Maybe BT1000s are responsible for the Ghetto, not Whitey McWhitebread. East and South Asians are doing well. As do recent African Immigrants. How can Kenyan=Americans be so well off, if Whites hate Blacks so much?
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Speaking of liberal guys not being handy, Jussie was so metrosexual he tied the noose like a half-windsor necktie.

There's literal video of him removing it.

The evidence that Jussie faked a hate crime is so massive it guarantees a conviction.
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marcus says

RIght in the heart, the ungrateful Rapey Ho.

Lives in a country where she got free rides to college, paid 6 figure sums to play a sport, is a famous figure, despite being a butch to the max.

No appreciation whatsoever.
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Notice the Lefties avoid this thread.

What's gonna be fun is watching Biden's 40 year long stances fade away in the face of the Far Left Base's pressure.
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The Post has tried very hard to ignore the FACT she married her brother.
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Automan Empire says

I really hate these whiny posts whose basis is that stories aren't being given coverage by the "leftist" media, in an age when one can refute this in 0.36 second.


Sorry Automan. This story was not subject to front page news, constant coverage by CNN, CBS, NYT. Here is the front page of CNN just one day later, not a mention among many stories on the landing page:

If it had been a white dude with incindiaries on his way to firebomb La Raza's headquarters, you'd not hear the end of it for days. Full story at top and bottom of the hour plus updates after every commercial break. "Again, The White La Raza right wing shooter has been stopped"

I wish we had Fake News laws that required Media to spend as much time correcting a Hoax as they did pushing it.

For example "Hands Up, Don't Shoot was Fake News that never happened." would have to be said on MSNBC every 10 minutes for weeks.

So many people, especially Dallas Police officers, died because of the Media's Pushing of a Lie.
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The Lefties haven't understood yet that they're the Establishment, and Middle America is now the Rebellious Cool Force.

It will become more apparent with each passing year.
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Kalifa - ornia

No doubt about it.
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Trust me, Millenials don't show up for work half the time to a paid internship. They're supposed to be in at 8AM or 1PM but mosey on in and hour or so later, but leave as scheduled.

Can't say I didn't party as a kid, but I came into work, not necessarily bright eyed and bushy tailed, but I did my menial tasks.

We have to become a marriage-based, monogamous society that puts the Middle Aged/Old on a pedestal and eschews Youth.
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Great, looking forward to Shaka Zulu with Mel Gibson in the Lead role.

Well, there goes another longstanding Franchise.
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I'm more worried about the Great General Degradation.

Junior High Kids told about butt stuff and blood play, neither of which is safe sex.
Shoplifters everywhere
Needles and Tweakers everywhere.
Lefties claiming that "Western Civ" is cognate with "White Supremacy" and that it's the biggest threat.
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Mom: "Brave is written by a gay guy who fantasizes about being a little girl. No little girl has the balls to behave like that"
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BigFrank says
Lol i need some of what you're smoking!

Heh. The Left owns Big Tech, Media/Hollywood, K-12, Academia, the PR/HR of large orgs and corps, most Government Departments, and even an old "Working Class" Senator like Biden is running hard left on abortion and immigration.

But you're dubious that you're the establishment.
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Hugolas_Madurez says
Isn't it a criminal offense in most states?

Only if you're white. Just like in the UK it's okay for Pakis to have multiple wives, but if a native Briton gets married but after a decade forgot to finalize his first, brief marriage, he gets the book thrown at him for bigamy.
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Oh noes! All us White Supremacists are so sad! The few thousand daily readers (worldwide) of that site will be beside themselves in grief. Especially Thorlief
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Quigley says
@honkpilledmaster do you perhaps have a list of such wronged parties?

I'd say the relatives of the slain Dallas Police Officers should sue CNN for "Hands Up Don't Shoot", as well as those college kids that got stabbed...
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Who funds Mint Press News? How do they pay for their operation?

Tsar Ayatollahs!

No scammers from Russia, Iran, etc. hahahaha
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10/10 not bad at all and sheer bravery.
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Trump paraphrased:
"If you don't like America, maybe you should go back to your shithole, fix it, and tell us how you did it."

"That's RACIST!"
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marcus says


"Some People Did Something."
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Don't forget the Trans Colorado School Shooter:

So toxic for the Media's narrative they barely dealt with it.
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The bigger story is how the first Act of Arab nations was to expel all the Jews: Iraq, Algeria, etc. including before Israel was created.
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d6rB says
I don't really get this (other than attempts to mock stupidity of the current year) - is the guy supposed to be Roman, or proto-Germanic, or what? Or a never-before-existed ideal European? Pecus is a domestic animal, occidite is to kill - I do not know what quoque is, and what is a point in killing a domestic animal?
Edit: quoque is also - so means also kill domestic animals?

I think a mish-mash of traditional European Values.

Quoque = Likewise. So the Tu Quoque fallacy is "You do likewise"

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Automan Empire says
So whatever the remnants of Identity Evropa have reorganized under, they are still pushing out these crudely drawn cartoons eh?

Not Quite. These were mostly made 2014-2015, and they're also supposed to not take things too seriously and mock some conspiracy type stuff as well while communicating the traditional Western Attitude towards issues...

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Nope. Iraq began expelling Jews in 1941 with the Farhoud. They began registering Jews who had been members of Zionist Organizations OR who wished to live in a (future) Israel. They rounded them up and took their property, of course.

Literally the first act of Independent Algeria was to expel Jews.

Big Pograms in Libya around 1948 by Arabs on Jews.

The Yellow Star, The Blood Libel, and the Traitorous Jew were all Arab Inventions communicated to Europe around the time of the Crusades. There is litte evidence of any especial Jewish Persecution in Europe before about 1100.

Millions of Germans were expelled from Netherlands, Czechoslovakia, NW Poland/Danzig and several other countries after WW2. Nobody complained. Additionally, hundreds of thousands of Poles were expelled from Ukraine/Belarussia/etc ... no complaints.

In fact, the expulsion of minorities is a big reason for the relative peace in Europe after WW2, along with American Hegemony. Continental Europeans love to kill each other.

If expulsion of minorities is a major crime, when does the Boycott, DIvestment, Sanction and EU Penalties begin against Croatia?
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Everything I provided is verifiable. Croatia has never paid a dime to the half million Serbs they executed during WW2. Or the quarter million they put in concentration camps and expelled in the 90s when the EU was blaming everything on Serbia, while allowing Croatian and Bosnian atrocities to go unpunished.

Also, Palestinian had no meaning before the late 19th Century, it was never used as an ethnic term. The small handful of landless tenant serfs referred to themselves as "Arabs" like all other Levantine Arabs in the Ottoman Empire. Between the late 19th and the 1960s, Palestinian actually meant "Jew" and an Arab resident of the area would punch you in the face if you called them a Palestinian.

Until Yassir Arafat, a KGB Asset born and bred in Cairo, formed the PLO around 1964.
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This is the underreported story of the month. The Globalists do NOT want the Hong Kong Protests to get wide play, they are already desperately looking for any remotely legit-seeming excuse to protect their outsourcing Chinese businesses.
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That's a revelant remark, TQ.
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Onvacation says
They call it a currency but it costs fees to use. It's price fluctuates so wildly that it is hard to calculate exchange rates. And it is slow compared to REAL currency or credit cards.

The transaction costs are obscene. Nor is it immune to government intervention/seizure or, increasingly, hackers:

And this wasn't the first multi-million hack of crypto.
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Nah, why provide jobs for STEM majors, expand technical and theoretical knowledge, inspire the youth, and open up frontiers.

Let's give Welfare Hos more Ho-Hos. And bring in a million new ones a year.
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Austin is going to shit. I just saw on TV that they passed a law allowing the homeless to camp out in parks, just like California.

I live in the 2nd poorest country in South America. There is a national uniform, Polo Shirt and Pants and Black Sneakers for boys, Dresses for Girls. They are sold at every corner and grocery for a few bucks a piece.

Having a school uniform actually would LOWER costs for kids clothes.
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