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Cultural Enrichment after Trump defunds Planned Parenthood

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Patrick says
Worked on me.

What's freaky is the the I seems to float left after If.
It's like your brain rearrange the letters the way they are supposed to be.
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Chinese Arline warns citizens to be careful in London areas. They get called Racists.

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"I don't want to put the impression out there that it's going to be inexpensive," Supervisor Candace Andersen said.
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I knew you were not American Oliver.

You missed the whole point of that exercise. The whole point of it was to fuck with these two cretins.

That video is after they met with Trump and he briefed them that he was going to strike.
The only reason why Iran has been challenging Trump is because Kerry and Obama has been meddling in foreign affairs with them and has asked them to challenge Trump.

Those Floor Kissing Ass sniffing Dot Heads have no respect or value of Human life. They were glad to oblige Kerry and Obama and start a war.
The whole thing was a set up to get Trump to strike so they can say Trump is unhinged and then Congress would impeach him for not getting their approval.

Trump out classed Obama he outsmarted Kerry and shined Chuck and Nancy and blew you away. He waited until the eleventh hour then called it all off.

In the meantime he got lots of concessions out of Iran. Iran made deals with Trump. We didn't have to send them pallets of cash.
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marcus says
A lot of what you call left media, is relatively centrist reality based media compared to Fox, Brietbart or talk radio. ButI know you can't admit that.

Liberal media is NOT centrist compared to ANYTHING!

They are biased and there's no other tribute to sugar coat it. Of course Fox, Breitbart and a very few other's are biased toward truth and justice. They have to push back at the Liberal lies like the one you posted.
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Tim Aurora says
And so far, how are we doing on that. Not good , I reckon

For ever billion he wipes out the Liberals create a trillion. He kicks problems out, Liberals caravan them back in.
That's how it's working out. Trump's long term plan would address the traitors and the illegals.
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Funding for NPR announcements if they were honest.

The Liberal Socialist Initiative Foundation would like to thank the following Billionaires for their contributions...

Grassroots Antifa funding provided by...

The Southern Democrat KKK Foundation would like to remind you Don't be a Racist Bastard and never assume someone's Gender...
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Those hotspots are capped at 1 gig.
And no I've never gotten acceptable speeds for stuff like Remote Desktop and Streaming live content.
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marcus says
Tenpoundbass says
Trump out classed Obama he outsmarted Kerry and shined Chuck and Nancy and blew you away

Nobody has a better imagination on patrick.net, although several a very close behind.

Iran executed Kerry's CIA asset eyes on the ground in Iran. He was responsible for the attack on the drone.
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This is what every registered Democrat in America is fighting for.

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That wasn't even Obama's voice.

And as for using other video source material. No two pictures have the exact same angles.
Doing so would be easy to spot, I'm sure it would be easier to task AI to match Deep Fake video up to the source photo or video source.
That's the Stuff AI is great for. That's the type of things I praise AI for. AI will never be the all Knowing HAL 2000 no matter how much they hype it.
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BTW the Project Veritas Google expose video pretty much confirms what I have been saying all along.

The person in the Video said that the Filters are not AI that is so Woke it can distinguish what is acceptable Woke language and what all else is hate speech.
He said there's an army manually plugging in algorithms for things like Hillary's squeaky clean wholesome Google Suggestions vs the Google suggestions for Donald Trump.
Those keywords are not auto generated from top ranking queries.
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Ft Lauderdale just widened i95 Northbound through Pompano. The last 5 years I've taken it, it's been a slow commute as it would bottle neck around Commercial through Cypress Creek. They added a lane, and now that it is done and before the Express lane goes in. I am trying to get as much video footage I can of it. As the traffic flows smothly and freely all hours of the day. Unless there is a wreck or some external situation creating a delay.
The plan is now that they are done. Before we needed one lane to make it flow smoothly. Now they are going to take that new lane along with one of the existing lanes. And compress the traffic down to just 3 lanes. Just like they did Southbound around Broward, Davie and 595 as a result there is never time of day where that stretch is not having bumper to bumper delays.

They want us sitting in traffic they created, to drive us to a shitty public transportation. Public transportation that doesn't go everywhere in South Florida, not a direct feasible way.
While the Idiots on NPR laughs about the Troubles they created.
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Yes no doubt they will cause panic and pandemonium. Especially for those that are reactionary.
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Btw this was done by a person

Same as the AI video. I'm sure it takes more human effort than they are leading on to. The AI just probably executes a script and puts the sound and images together in a movie clip. A human still would need to be skilled at using the software.
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It's Loraine from Mad TV

aughughughugh Say you're fascinating to talk to. Whu-whi-wha what do you do on a Saturday nigh. Uaghghgh Oh!
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The lesson is a jumbled mess. It's almost like the lesson starts in the middle then works its way back.
It should have started out with these basics.

Like what are Oscillators, the different kinds, the LFO Sound Shapes, then what is ASDR(Attack Sustain Decay Release) ect...
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