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The Establishment is leaning toward Biden, because Obama needs to get back in there and turn all of his shit back up right that Trump toppled over. And usher in Communism and Islam as our National Religion, outright. He had hoped to lay the groundwork so Clinton could continue his work, while she got richer doing so. But she lost 2016, because she's so fucking evil she couldn't even sell America a rigged election.

Clinton and Obama are bitter Clinger On's that trying to force their Triangle ass through a round hole. The good news is, the other candidates don't even have a shape, they are barely even a solid mass. None of the candidates have a decent following, but the DNC is leaning one or the other. They wanted Biden, but it was reported yesterday, they are now being accused for being biased toward Biden. Time will see if they give up their Biden push or not. We all know the DNC did not change course of action, when it was apparent that the DNC was working against Sanders and promoting Hillary in 2016, so we'll see if they shift their attention to EW.
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Hircus says
He filmed right outside CNN. I spy an NPC...

That girl working in Public relations Communications for CNN, she was so full of shit. She says Russia collusion happened wtih Trump with confidence. But then sneered at the notion that Hillary was the one caught colluding. Then when her whole premise fell apart, she went from being well spoken to Vocal Frying. Someone just regurgitating mental sewage, their Manlib Mansplained to them, they aren't committed to believing it themselves, so they are very nervous when they shit back out of their mouth. So they vocal fry. This bitch was full of that. She was hot as fuck though and for a Liberal her fuckable factor is a 9 out of 10. Which is pretty good, considering someone in her position and political leaning has a FF of 1 out of 10.

I suspect she will be a conservative in a few years, if she doesn't get gauges in her ears, piercings in her nose, tats on her and dye's her hair green.
Which might be unlikely now, as she will probably get fired for ending the interview with Crowded twirling her hair and staring intently in his eyes.
I don't think her transgendered fag commie handlers that sent her down to change Crowder's mind on the companies dime will like that one bit.
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I bet CNN cut from their live coverage for Pediatrician Gender Changing Doctor commercials.
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Recommends? Who in the hell prosecutes?
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tovarichpeter says

University of Virginia sues thousands of patients seizes paychecks and puts liens on Holmes

Let's all thank the Lord that McCain Shitstain, was saved from his Brain Rot long enough to shit on repealing Obamacare. And the laws baked in that protect Providers from any and all fraud and graft.

Is there a Holiday for that yet? They should commemorate the day McShitstain laughed as he put a thumbs down, with his nasty bandage on his rotting head. The sick bastard should have been at Hospice. But Fuck no, he made damn sure the fuck the nation for generations to come. In a desperate ploy to salvage Barack Fuckboy Obama' Leg Assy.
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6rdB says

That one lone asshole on the internet making up memes like this, is why OK, Milk and so much other shit now is considered White Supremacist.

Even Congress repeats it in their witch hunts.
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I just hope she doesn't turn into this Generations Martyr, I mean Martha Stewart.
I remember everyone was just as satisfied when Martha Stewart got convicted to prison. Finally some action in an active congressional season, full of investigations into crooks, cheats and crooks. Starting from the Bill Clinton hearings, the Enron scandal, still lingering questions from the Iran Contra scandals. Finally Martha got sent up the river, and everyone forgot about everything else. The Enron execs got off, the Congressional enablers got admonished, and the rest of the investigations just quietly went away.
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So NO! Robots wont take over the farms, robots aren't going to flip your eggs, and serve it to you with a surly quip, while the refresh your coffee cup.

Probably wont be banging any T-950's with a Latex cooter anytime soon either.
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Get a cheap Android that is not a Flagship model.
I have noticed a Samsung J3 seemingly behaves just like my Galaxy latest S models did.
But they don't have all of the sensory and telemetry features. So it hasn't even once nagged me for not signing into a Google Accont, the Samsung Store or nothing else.
I just use the Android Internet, didn't install a 3rd party browser. It's pretty much stock. I'm able to create a menu icon of any website I want to see in responsive mode.

Since it's a featureless phone, and I keep the location off. I don't notice any odd behaviors, because I'm not using anything they offer.

Get a camera if you want pictures.
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Thomas Sowell did a lecture about inequality.
He talked about Brilliant educated minds. From an educational standpoint all of those in this study were on equal footing.
The difference in their success was their household they grew up in. Those that were raised in a wealthy household, went to ivy league schools, then when they graduated had the drive and tools to be very wealthy. Successful if you measure success by wealth. Those that grew up in a poor to modest household, but by the grace of their academic achievements they got full scholarship to a ivy league school. When they graduated. They continued to live a modest life style. These are the professors, doctors, and other professions that has peers that with in a decade of working in their fields. Those with their low 6 figure incomes, manage to amass a million to millions in the bank. Mostly through smart investing, and putting their money to work. They have a drive beyond their intellect, to be upper middle class. While those from modest back grounds, are happy taking a job just shy of 6 figures, drive a Commoner car, and live in a Starter House neighborhood. Or if they are living expenses does commiserate with their income. They are always having financial problems. Many Ivy Leaguers have financial problems. Foreclosures, Over extended credit card bills, liens and other financial liabilities.

When these two educated people with different economic drives, are in a professional setting. Giving lectures, or writing on their field, there is no difference in style nor is what one says more valid over the other.

There are poor people or people from lower middle class backgrounds, that are driven to amass wealth and can be over achievers. But those people don't even require a High school diploma.
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Patrick says
TBH I thought he was dead years ago. But I'm probably conflating him in my mind with Joey Ramone.

Benjamin Orr died in 2000 of cancer.
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The timing screams that RGB is on her death bed.
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BTW this little tid bit here would discredit everything the Hell to the Naw on Kavanaugh brigade has to throw at him.

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BigFrank says
I couldn't imagine how pathetic one would have to be to idolize this loser

He's still your SCOTUS, he ruined several Democrat careers in his confirmation process.
This new round of insanity will end some more. People are getting sick of Evil Commie Fags huffing and puffing, and bitching and moaning about America and Americans.

Trump is fixing our Courts, so we can rid of them. How does that make you feel, Big ass Frank?
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A debate is what happens when Intellectually Honest people get together and exchange their ideas.

That is not what is happening with the CNN TV game show, "Who wants to get destroyed by Trump?"
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Liberals demand public education be dismal shitholes, in our neighborhoods. But don't you Fucking dare, to enroll your kid in the Public school that services their Gated community.
They deserve it for their kids, because they pay so much taxes to live there. Put your kid in the Commie Reeducation Death Camp in your own community.
They are protective over their Education Club. Rich celebrities have to bribe and buy their way into an Education. You think they'll let common Street Trash into their Schools?

The nerve of the Voting Class on the Democrats, they just don't know their Place!
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Booger says
Advertising worker hires an 'emotional support CLOWN' to attend his redundancy meeting… who mimes crying when the paperwork is handed over

LOL I love it. I always wanted to rent a Lycra tight fitting Superman Suit and go to a Job interview.
Beer belly and all.
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Corn Pop strikes again!
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They don't want to be alibis for him. They want to use his legal issue as the catalyst to shirk questions, and twist the narrative to fit what ever "There I Was!" testimony they give for McCabe. Which then they will try to twist questions, to say they can't answer that, they pertain to another legal matter and there's a gag order.
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Actually it's here
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And if you got to RSBN.com you get this

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I'm sick Iran's shit, and I'm tired of them being used as an excuse to raise the price of Oil, which in turn manipulates all of the other commodes including food and the Dollar index.

Fuck Iran! Let's torch this Puppy!
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Then when we're done, Saudi, Bahrain, and Kuwait, and Qtar should shut the fuck up.
There wont be a Muzzie shit hole nation big enough to have to their backs, when we get tired of their shit too.
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It amazes me, people will laugh and talk about this around the water cooler at work. Then pretend to feign outrage when Trump says "Grab 'em by the pussy" in a private conversation between two guys, that was illegally taped and leaked.
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The rotten wet area floors, the saggy kitchens, the wonky bathroom floors, the septic problems, the plumbing problems, the seam leaks, the wall panel dry rot, the stapled to the floor carpet, the tiny master bedrooms, the even tinnier other bedrooms, the quality of people they attract, then the mobile home parks are last on the list of what's wrong with a mobile home.
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Trump broke the system.
Before 2016, those that were not polling in double digits bailed out. Trump's primary rivals, were all financed to stay in the race regardless how low they polled. Just to keep pressure up and siphon off votes from the candidate that doesn't have the Establishment's blessing Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and the Spoon Bender chick are those candidates that the Establishment don't want in the race. So they are keeping those candidates financed and in the race to keep their numbers in single digits and to make sure Bernie doesn't think it's a two way race.
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Does he drive a Cornhole Wagon?
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Proud to say I have never watched one single episode of Breaking Bad. I had as much interest in watching that show. As I did in getting know the local Meth Lab Thug, and hanging out with him and brewing craft Beer.
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I would love them to try.

The most outrageous part of the whole hearing was. The Democrats knew there was no crime commited.
Trump was not charged with a crime, there was no criminal investigation, and the AG works at his pleasure.
The Mueller Report was the accumulation of Bluffs and inuendoes that fell flat.
So the Commitie wanted Lewandowski to Say he did not deliver the note because he didn't think it was right, for any reason. And by him admitting that, he would be admitting guilt, Guilt to a crime that did not exist mind you.

There's a million reasons he didn't deliver the message. What if Sessions got wind of the firing and called up Trump and chummed him into believing not to worry the special council is just a formality, and it's best to leave Sessions than to remove him and stir up a bigger mess.Trump could have contacted him and told him not do it for many reasons. And Lewandowski could have not wanted to deliver that message to Sessions out of not wanting to get in the middle of their spat. Not in the middle of a legality of it, but the conflict between the two.

Humpty Dumpty and all the King's men couldn't get Lewandowski to say... "I didn't deliver it because I thought it was wrong."
Even if he did say that, that doesn't invoke an unwritten law. Law is the Law, it does not care if you knew you breaking it or not. Just as Ignorance is no excuse for the Law.
Trump could have fired Sessions, we all know it. If it were a crime to do so, then Trump would have been recommend for prosecution by Mueller.

Trump did put in the order, he did have some one write down the message. He did send some one to deliver it. If there was no intervention by Trump to not deliver it because he got cold feet. Then as far as the deed goes, he instructed someone to fire Jeff. That would be a crime itself if doing so were illegal.
He showed full intent to do so. They want Lewandowski to say he got cold feet because it was wrong.

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