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... and disabuse yourselves of the reasons for "Police Lives Matter," or "All Lives Matter,"

There are problems that we need to urgently need to solve, and don't let any LYING FUCKING MEMES bully you into thinking that this is another time to look away from the FUCKING WELL DOCUMENTED atrocities, before you get out in the street and find out that it is YOU who are the nigger getting gunned down like a fucking dog!

Civil oversight!
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You’re crazy. Get help for substance abuse.
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You're crazy. A little troll coward that SOMEHOW expects to be treated like a man. LOL LOL LOL
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@rpanic01 yeah well that help doesn't fix anything.

There's a major problem that you would ignore at your own peril.

This is divisive shit.
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The most popular novelty T-shirt in police supply stores is the classic:

OPERATION GHETTO STORM T-shirt that features a burning tenement with a helicopter hovering over it.

Been an evergreen items since the 1990s, at least since the demented MOVE bombing in Philadelphia.

Lotta cops wear them under their uniforms.
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jazz_music says
There's a major problem that you would ignore at your own peril.

This is divisive shit.

Indeed it is, that's why the easiest way to take over is to divide and conquer. It's Shameful how the media and powers that be have been pushing our population this way.
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jazz_music says
This is divisive shit.

That accurately describes 100% of the Leftist platform.
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Neutralizing black lives in non-lethal ways: By hyper-policing areas where people of color are concentrated, the vote can be neutralized in many states. Just look at those southern and redneck states.

Also there is a gravy train known as the system and once they get their hooks in you they extract a toll which endures and dominates the lives of those who sufficiently poor all they ever did was cop a plea out of financial pragmatism and a lot of bullying and intimidation from glib officers armed with prosecutorial overreach.

I'm saying these things because I'm impressed with how many white people don't already know them and then they get a big shock when they wind up in a bad situation because the better your neighborhood is the more respectfully police pussy foot around it, but they can still catch you on the odd moment at a bad location and then wow look out!
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It makes a big difference in your world whether or not minorities are allowed to vote unmolested.

If you are white, black lives still matter, that is the point. That point is a strong one that gets muddied by saying Tom Dick and Harry lives matter, and worst yet when you say police lives matter. Don't you know that the police are not there to correct injustices and help people? Police are there to protect the stores, landlords, the rich and most of all each other so they can get a nice life with deluxe retirements. You are there to be bled by them so the rich don't have to pay for their own protection.

They bleed the poor most of all because that way they always win.
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And don't be the dipshit who answers this by changing the subject to me.
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People can tell when they are the ones that are being used mercilessly to fund this overgrown and corrupt system, that's a big part of their unification.

They all have good reason to fight. Legal or not it is going to happen any time there is no justice there will be no peace. It is now and it always has been.

Now you don't like it, but you really won't like it when all this injustice affects you and your family in one way or the other and the police are not going to save you. Kissing ass won't help. Trump is not going to save you. Doubling down on this soulless con artist is not going to help either.

Ok they did this they did that. You would have a hard time getting by without money too. This is a dangerous situation period.

Stuffing the prisons with minorities and pot smokers is a mistake. It increases the economy and makes a great investment, but this is an investment in human trafficking. This is dirty filthy money that capitalists are mercilessly extracting as they always do because no one is insisting that they stop. We have the leading prison industry on the planet, we are crazy for doing that. This situation is insane. Being white and STEM employed is not your ticket to "I'm too sexy" status.

Are you beginning to see why black lives matter to you? We need as many people as possible contributing to this economy, and that means blowing money too, not just on penalties, and being socially active insisting on more participation in the growing pie insead of always less and less. This is a good point that needs to retain the integrity of the idea into people's minds and hearts. This is a bad time to be divisive. It will cost you and probably all of us who aren't the leading capitalists.
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MAGA: UNRAVEL THE CONFLICTS OF INTEREST and achieve real justice and rational basis for a more peaceful American population.

Left to their own devices, enforcement passes laws granting them ever greater discretion to wreak violence on the population in the name of forcing better compliance the law: currently examples include warrantless forcible entry, civil confiscation, policies that practically indemnify officers that kill, injure and wreak destruction based on anonymous tips. (which can be the officers themselves on a grudge) Policies that protect officers from drug testing, questioning by a prosecutor, relieve them of admitting to exculpatory evidence pertaining to the accused.

Public policies are especially convenient to policing and enforcement by the fact that many of local government offices are staffed by either ex-officio officers or landlords. (landlords and store owners have a specially beneficial use for enforcement and a vested interest in getting those needs at taxpayer's expense as well as creating penalties that fund the bulk of enforcement)


CIVIL OVERSIGHT WITH REAL AUTHORITY is the way to avoid proven structural flaws of the unbridled authority and the discretion to act irresponsibly, on the part of enforcement.

Cutting through all the scholastic writing tones found below, you can see that policing as we now have it structured places an unbearable burden on the officer to behave in an unaffected way to the expectations of his role. (not just the stress of the job as many of you would think)

Stanford Prison Experiment 1971 and BBC Prison Study in 2002. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stanford_prison_experiment The experiment's results favor situational attribution of behavior over dispositional attribution (a result caused by internal characteristics). It seemed that the situation, rather than their individual personalities, caused the participants' behavior.

The Milgram experiment on obedience to authority figures at Yale beginning in 1961 pursued similar behavior effects.
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jazz_music says
And don't be the dipshit who answers this by changing the subject to me.

OK everyone, DO NOT CHANGE THE SUBJECT. Jazz wants to to talk about how "life sucks" How he lives in misery like 99% of the US population. And if you don't live in misery, you are a capitalist asshole who deserves the guillotine. That the top 1% stole from the welfare Queens and the poor. The world is going to end, and the only way to stop it is to revolt against law enforcement, overthrow the government, and become communists. That way we can all be rich by doing nothing.
I love your plan Jazz. When do we start?
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No one interested in Jazz's misery? No one?
Sorry Jazz, Patnetters are more interested in sex, politics, and religion. They are such assholes.
16   HEY YOU   ignore (7)   2017 Oct 12, 10:02am   ↑ like (0)   ↓ dislike (1)   quote   flag        

jazz_music says
And don't be the dipshit who answers this by changing the subject to me.

Being on Patnet is all about "me"!

lolStrategist says
They are such assholes.

The only requirement to be on Patnet.

Pattnetters catching hell.

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