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Ya'll remember when the Sexual Alphabet retards hoisted the Trannys on the Womens March to make it inclusive and diverse? LOL

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Rebekah Katherine Brewis was indicted Tuesday by a grand jury in Multnomah County on three counts of first degree aggravated theft from the Women’s March on Portland and two counts of felony computer crime.

Each of the three theft counts is for money “of the total value of $10,000 or more, the property of Women’s March on Portland,” according to court documents.

Brewis was one of the organizers of the original Portland Women’s March, which drew between 70,000 and 100,000 to downtown Portland to protest the inauguration of President Donald Trump in January 2017.

LOL IRCC the LBGQLMOPXYZ Retards, hoisted the Trans women on the Womens march to make it inclusive. The irony tastes so good it should be boxed and sold as Cake Mix for gay weddings.

Liberals are Fuck ups, Crooks and Scamers.
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Transgender Women Tell Women’s March They’re Not Inclusive Enough

DETROIT—In public, transgender activists often blame conservatives for being intolerant. But behind closed doors inside their own safe spaces, a different story unfolds—one in which the most ardent supporters of the Women’s March are the oppressors.

Speaking at the Women’s Convention in Detroit, an event organized by the leaders of the Women’s March, transgender women berated conference organizers for assuming transgender speakers were qualified to only speak on panels addressing trans-specific issues.

“Why is my voice confined to just one panel?” asked Katelyn Burns, one of three transgender women featured on the panel, “Not All Pussies Are Pink and Not All Women Have Pussies.”

The idea for the panel was inspired by the infamous pink hat, which millions of women wore on Jan. 21 as they marched in Washington, D.C., and around the world.

“Pussy hats became the symbol of the Women’s March movement. But for many women, the pussy hats represent an erasure of women of color and trans women in the feminist movement—because not all pussies are pink, and not all women have pussies,” the description read. “This panel will address how to fully include trans women, particularly trans women of color, in the feminist movement.”

“Why is it that when I pitch editors on topics that aren’t trans-related, I never hear back from them?” Burns added. “At this point, the only way I get paid to eat is if I write about trans stuff, and I always question why that is … That trans-oppression is crushing.”

The tension in the room could be cut with a knife. Panelists went so far as to attack Women’s March organizers by name, accusing them of including transgender activists in their events to check a box.

The Women’s March has “personally harmed me,” transgender panelist Raquel Willis said, accusing Tamika Mallory, one of the march’s founders, of cutting Willis’ mic short during the Women’s March in January in order to make room for Madonna, Emma Watson, and other high-profile women.

“The leadership of the Women’s March allowed celebrity and agents of capitalism to become a part of the march so easily, and pushed more marginalized folks who have been on the ground.”
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The Tranny in the OP is guilty of January 2017 crimes, that was the initial march. The Trannys were already included obviously as this guy was one of the organizers of that event.
But it didn't stop the Cry Bullies from beating their Inclusion horn in the November post above.

Then in 2018 a year later the women of Color got into the act. I remember we were making threads here about how they were eating their own. Boy did they!?


omen of color penned think pieces and took to social media last year to voice their frustrations over the Women’s March, which many critics said excluded them. Despite claims from organizers that this year’s march willl be more inclusive, some women are sitting out this weekend's events in a call for more diversity.

Last year’s march unfolded in direct retaliation to the election of President Donald Trump. The event saw millions of women across the nation march, wear pussy hats and chant in resistance to the newly-elected president.

The march in Washington, D.C., and other cities were seen as a moment of unity and resistance on a massive scale. But before and after the gathering, women of color were accused of dividing and “hijacking” the movement for questioning its inclusivity and asking for more representation. This year, organizers said they are being more intentional and recognize that it will take some time to build trust.

“What has been important is that all of us have been very intentional about addressing issues and concerns not just of women of color and addressing the concerns of all women,” Tamika Mallory, a black woman and co-president of the Women's March board, told Newsweek.

Raquel Willis, a transgender activist and lawyer, spoke out at the national march in Washington, D.C., where she stressed the importance of being intentional about inclusion, saying that “no one can be an afterthought anymore.” But Willis, who is black, will not be at this year's national gathering in Las Vegas on Sunday.
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If they really want things to be done properly and honestly, they need to hire a man.
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At $50 per blow job, that's only 200 blow jobs. The Women's March should be able to handle that.

They should draw straws.

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