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When McDonald's is closed... (
by zzyzzx in #misc   11 comments, latest a year ago

The white privellege lie.
by Fucking White Male in #misc   52 comments, latest a year ago
Both sides of my family arrived in the US post 1900, from oppressive conditions in Europe. One side literally starving in Germany in the aftermath of WWI, one side fleeing...

Leftist intimidation shuts down Milo talk, Iranian-American stands up to thugs
by someone else in #misc   82 comments, latest 9 months ago
We need more Iranians like this guy. He's a far better American than the yahoos who simply refuse to allow any discussion they don't agree with ahead of time.

The First Responsibility of Government
by Quigley in #misc   22 comments, latest 2 years ago
Is to provide security for its citizens against foreign threats. If it can't manage that, by either force or diplomacy, it isn't doing its job. Currently, our head of government,...

RIP Polling Industry
by BayArea in #misc   23 comments, latest a year ago
Fuck, how off could you possibly be. RIP Polling industry. I never want to hear from you assholes again.

I finally protested to NPR
by someone else in #misc   116 comments, latest 7 months ago
I found their comment form and submitted a polite comment. Maybe it will do some tiny bit of good, but most likely not. At least it made me feel better....

Patrick is off to Europe
by Patrick in #misc   115 comments, latest 3 months ago
Going to spend some of the money I saved by renting all this time and take a month long trip to Europe. First going to work on my Irish Gaelic...

Holy Shit! Assange sez a Leak Source was Seth Rich
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #misc   102 comments, latest 10 months ago
Doesn't say that Seth Rich was murdered, just says it was "Suspicious". Prepare for a Media Assault on Assange and his credibility. Those things only happen in non-neoliberal countries....

Footage of Trump Grabbing A Pussy Discovered!
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #misc   23 comments, latest a year ago

Congrats IRONMAN, fuck you NATE SILVER
by joshuatrio in #misc   82 comments, latest a year ago
Great job on your analysis this election season Ironman. You were spot from the beginning and did a great job interpreting polling results and finding relevant information regarding the election....

Must say Trump's speech here is actually inspiring
by someone else in #misc   60 comments, latest a year ago

Atheist Muslim's opinion on Western Fundie Apologists (
by TwoScoopsMcGee in #misc   56 comments, latest 2 years ago
It's like a bad Monty Python sketch: "We did this because our holy texts exhort us to to do it."  "No you didn't." "Wait, what? Yes we did..."  "No,...

Voter IDs in Mexico it's just the Norm.
by Tenpoundbass in #misc   10 comments, latest 9 months ago

Titties for Trump avatar! Will bare my own if Trump is nominated
by turtledove in #misc   65 comments, latest a year ago
Why, you might be asking? Because the republican establishment says that Trump isn't "presidential." The new avatar will symbolize that even the educated, (usually) prim and proper mom of two...

Audio recording saved man from false rape accusation (
by someone else in #misc   20 comments, latest a year ago The sound recording is classified, but it has been transcribed by a police officer: “The conversation that can be heard involves the girl wanting to be fucked hard and...

I have a dream!
by someone else in #misc   163 comments, latest 4 months ago
I look to a day when white people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character. --Martin Luther King This is...

Truths you will never see in the US press (
by someone else in #misc   53 comments, latest 4 months ago
Diversity destroys communities. Every academic study shows that diversity lowers mutual trust and civic engagement. Feminism has made women significantly less happy and less likely to find men willing to...

Being A Landlord in a Depression
by Brentok3 in #misc   28 comments, latest 5 years ago
Discussion deleted

The SFBA's Continued Decline To 3rd World Status
by bmwman91 in #misc   115 comments, latest 4 years ago
Well comrades, it looks like the landed gentry are still ramping up their rent seeking. The dated 2BR unit in a 10-plex that I am renting now for $1845 is...

Why do guys find farting to be so funny?
by edvard2 in #misc   49 comments, latest a month ago
Maybe not all guys. But a lot of them. Me included. I'm a grown, mature adult man and yet farting, especially when I do it is still as funny to...
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