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Tim Aurora

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Thank God for Trump
by Tim Aurora in #misc   62 comments, latest 5 days ago
Well, I write this as a Trump hater, so why am I glad. There was/is discontent with Globalist in the heartland and those people hold a Electoral edge ( small...

Is John Kelly being fired by Trump (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   Posted 6 days ago
There are rumors that John Kelly's job is in jeopardy. As much as I hate Trump, that would sadden me as he is one of the guys who has brought...

So North Korea respects US now. That is just BS (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   41 comments, latest 8 days ago
According to Trump, after his ascension to US presidency North Korea now respects US North Koreas’ ballistic missile just launched over Japan, provocative behavior for which they blame the US...

Trump to put himself under "social" surveillance (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   3 comments, latest 22 days ago
No Kidding. According to the latest new all naturalized citizens will be The US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is expanding the kinds of information that it collects on immigrants...

Fake president followers using fake crowd photograph (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   6 comments, latest 2 months ago Donald Trump supporters have been sharing fake photos of huge crowds at the US President's Phoenix rally on social media, following claims the event failed to draw big numbers.Images...

Tiki dissed Alt Right , asking them not to use their torches (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   1 comment, latest 2 months ago
Tiki Brand, makers of the popular backyard bamboo torches, is distancing itself from the white supremacists who used them during nighttime rallies in Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend.

ALT Right aka White supremacist are targeting Campuses - How to deal with it (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   19 comments, latest 2 months ago The term alt-right has become intertwined with the term white nationalism, which originated as a euphemism for white supremacy, the belief that white people are superior to all other...

Planet marks new highs for heat, pollutants, sea level in 2016: report (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   Posted 2 months ago
The Earth set a series of dire records in 2016, including hottest year in modern times, highest sea level and most heat-trapping gases ever emitted, a global climate report said...

Is TPB a Russian Bot or Troll (
by Tim Aurora in #FireMcMaster   5 comments, latest 2 months ago
So, the big news is that the Russian Bots are attacking McMaster bots demanding his removal. A campaign calling on the president to fire National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster...

Another American killed by the Russians (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   15 comments, latest 3 months ago Mark WilsonMoreA Republican donor who died soon after telling a newspaper he tried to obtain Hillary Clinton's emails from Russian hackers during the 2016 presidential election killed himself, according...

Will Trump resign . One lawyer thinks so (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   85 comments, latest 3 months ago law and son, a leading professor of law at Columbia University predicts.Philip Bobbitt describes the Presidents resignation as a consequence of his family members being prosecuted as the likeliest...

Cannot coverup Climate change (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   5 comments, latest 3 months ago From the article The bottom-line finding of the assessments is cautious at first. In 1995, the conclusion is this: “The balance of evidence suggests a discernible human influence on...

Comey leaked classified memos (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   2 comments, latest 3 months ago
OK he did not. He just leaked memo not the classified ones, but this buffoon Trump does not know the difference

New Sanctions on Russia - Take that Russians (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   19 comments, latest 4 months ago 2, underscoring broad support among Republicans and Democrats for rebuking Russia after U.S. intelligence agencies determined Moscow had deliberately interfered in the presidential campaign. Lawmakers who backed the measure...

What's up with Bills
by Tim Aurora in #misc   2 comments, latest 4 months ago
Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby and now Bill O'Riley. All these bills can't keep their bills in the pouch.

Back to dark ages, Trump pulls out of Paris accord (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   106 comments, latest 5 months ago President Trump announced his decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change Thursday afternoon.Trump, who has dismissed climate change as a hoax, made the...

Trump is driving Allies away (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   16 comments, latest 5 months ago Angela Merkel has suggested Germany and Europe can no longer rely on the US under Donald Trump.

Trump proposes to increase Gas Tax (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   14 comments, latest 5 months ago President Trump on Monday said he was open to raising the federal tax on gasoline and using the new revenue for his infrastructure package, a potentially major policy change...

Fox news retracts Seth Rich's Faux news (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   24 comments, latest 5 months ago A week after publishing a problematic account about the death of former Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich — an article that said Rich made contact with WikiLeaks before...

Brennans Explosive testimony explains Trump campaign and Russians (
by Tim Aurora in #misc   48 comments, latest 5 months ago In his testimony before the House Intelligence Committee hearing Tuesday morning, former CIA director John Brennan bluntly told lawmakers that during the 2016 election, he reviewed intelligence that showed...
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