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Homes in Dublin, CA (
by crazydesi in #housing   34 comments, latest 3 months ago
Want to check if anyone looked at these homes in Dublin. They are selling homes starting price of 1.45M$ and selling fast, want to jump in buy, any expert opinion....

Revoke H4 EAD Rule (
by crazydesi in #misc   Posted 9 months ago
Please sign this petition as it is much move abusive then H1B visa and please spread the word. https://petitions.whitehouse.g

funny listing (
by crazydesi in #misc   5 comments, latest 4 years ago

Zillow CEO: Rising Mortgage Rates May Trap You (
by crazydesi in #housing   4 comments, latest 4 years ago
Against the backdrop of increasing home prices and the prospect of much higher mortgage rates, it's a "great time" to sell.

Funny House AD (
by crazydesi in #misc   Posted 4 years ago Not sure why he is not posting the pictures of the house itself.

Lots of Open Houses this weekend in SFBA
by crazydesi in #misc   10 comments, latest 5 years ago
I see tons of open houses in Santa Clara county this weekend. Every one is asking ridiculous price for their house. I'm going to bid on couple of them as...

summerhill homes -- santa clara -- midtown village (
by crazydesi in #misc   Posted 5 years ago
These are new homes from Summerhill, across the street from Valley Fair, Santana Row. They opened for Viewing on last Saturday. Tons of people visited the homes on first day....

by crazydesi in #misc   10 comments, latest 5 years ago
Joke of the Day.

1825 montage ct san jose ca 95131 (
by crazydesi in #misc   13 comments, latest 5 years ago
Is this worth 700k$?

347 FALCATO Dr Milpitas, CA 95035 (
by crazydesi in #misc   3 comments, latest 6 years ago Saw this today. Right at T intersection. Did cosmetic changes. Seems the agents recently bought for 450k and now after cosmetic changes, they put the price as 650k. All...

2312 LACEY Dr Milpitas, CA 95035 (
by crazydesi in #misc   Posted 6 years ago Saw this home today at OH. OK floor plan, 3 levels. Price is high, backyard is hugh is useless. As it is a downhill home, I see the retaining...

277 MICHIGAN Rd Milpitas, CA 95035 (
by crazydesi in #misc   Posted 6 years ago Saw this home today at OH. The agent was very mad at me when I said, I have been looking for almost a year and could not find a...

521 PASEO REFUGIO Milpitas, CA 95035 (
by crazydesi in #misc   1 comment, latest 6 years ago Saw both of these homes today at OH. I'm surprised to see they had price it as 1.1Mil and 1.2Mil. Last year on the same street, a similar...

Millon $ house with tonight's Mega million prize in BA
by crazydesi in #misc   Posted 6 years ago
Who else is in the race with me for 640M$ jackpot.

Milpitas homes (
by crazydesi in #misc   63 comments, latest 6 years ago
Will this be a good buy if I put a offer at this price? I'm looking for a SFH home in milpitas area, seems everything is overpriced. Every open...

Why Bayarea Housing is costly? (
by crazydesi in #housing   73 comments, latest 6 years ago
A Six-Figure Salary Is The Average For Silicon Valley Engineers

unemployment # calculations
by crazydesi in #misc   2 comments, latest 6 years ago
Can someone explain me what is meant by this? 408,000 people applied for unemployment benefits last week, up from 399,000 the week before and the most in four weeks. Is...

summer hill homes mountain view - 4b starting at 1.6M$ (
by crazydesi in #misc   Posted 6 years ago
Any idea about these homes? Is it good it buy.

"Who doesn't want to say they have a swimming pool in their living room?" (
by crazydesi in #misc   3 comments, latest 6 years ago
The renovated townhouse is split into a triplex with two apartments on the top floors that rent for $4,000 and $5,000, respectively. The entire townhouse has six bedrooms, five bathrooms...

1292 Poppy Way, Cupertino, CA 95014 (
by crazydesi in #misc   2 comments, latest 6 years ago
Neighbor house of 1282 poppy way came to the market today.
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