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New Orwellian term about to destroy speech forever (
by iwog in #politics   36 comments, latest 2 days ago
Cyber violence. That's the term the United Nations is using to bully every nation on earth into squashing free speech and censoring the internet. Furthermore this is being done for...

Small but important win for father's rights
by iwog in #politics   22 comments, latest 2 days ago
There are news articles on this but it's probably more fun just to watch the video. Also NEVER fuck something like this.#politics

ARLP blows away earnings, makes iwog gloriously rich
by iwog in #investing   293 comments, latest 3 days ago

One new thread a minute?
by iwog in #misc   Posted 3 days ago

Federal debt passes 20 trillion for the first time ever (
by iwog in #misc   70 comments, latest 4 days ago
This is a learning moment for some of you Trump people who were convinced that Donald Trump was cutting down on waste and saving us money. I said I'd bump...

By failing to repeal Obamacare, failing to replace Obamacare, or failing to fix Obamacare, Republicans are causing huge problems and misery (
by iwog in #misc   43 comments, latest 4 days ago
It's September. Fucking September and your glorious party "of the people" has simultaneously left the law on the books AND cut funding. There are dozens of articles published this morning...

Bob Corker R-TN "(Trump is)......on the path to World War III.” (
by iwog in #politics   2 comments, latest 4 days ago
I'd first like to point out that the reports from Bob Corker about the chaos in the White House has been confirmed by numerous unnamed sources PRIOR to this interview....

Donald Trump is about to decertify Iran treaty (
by iwog in #politics   53 comments, latest 4 days ago
The short of this is that Iran has been complying with a very successful economic treaty negotiated under the Obama administration and lied about by every Republican in America. I...

The story of Donald Trump's fake Renoir painting and how Trump is oblivious to reality (
by iwog in #misc   2 comments, latest 4 days ago
Interesting read on a man who is such a moron that he keeps claiming his copy of an original piece of art hanging at the Art Institute of Chicago is...

Tomorrow feminists will voluntarily muzzle themselves. I approve but my wife will not be participating.
by iwog in #politics   38 comments, latest 4 days ago
#politics #feminazis

by iwog in #misc   20 comments, latest 5 days ago
"I will tell you I left Texas and I left Florida and I left Louisiana and I went to Puerto Rico and I met with the President of the Virgin...

NAFTA "negotiation" enters into the realm of the absurd (
by iwog in #misc   4 comments, latest 5 days ago
So Donald Trump is trying to murder NAFTA and he's introduced wildly stupid requirements that are protectionist..........against the slave labor state of Canada.The new rule proposal is that 50% of...

Cam girls have really slipped in quality lately
by iwog in #misc   13 comments, latest 7 days ago

Donald Trump suggests pulling a broadcast license from NBC that doesn't exist (
by iwog in #politics   32 comments, latest 7 days ago
What a great idea! Lets let government censor the media and muzzle any company that can't adhere to the proper narrative. How could this possibly go wrong? #politics

A world more insane than science fiction and Trumpistas made it happen
by iwog in #politics   5 comments, latest 8 days ago
Someday you're going to be forced to own what you did.This thread will only include pure unfiltered facts:#politics

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Donald Trump challenges Rex Tillerson to an IQ test (
by iwog in #politics   22 comments, latest 8 days ago
For fuck sake people, how much more do you intend to put up with this?? I visit other countries and I don't want 7 billion people thinking that I come...

Donald Trump has another twitter tantrum, wants to bring back fairness doctrine.................for jokes!
by iwog in #politics   20 comments, latest 11 days ago
I suppose we need to legislate what is funny now. Stupid Americans, don't they know that they need to laugh at Democrats also?The fairness doctrine was an FCC mandate (and...

I'm liquidating all my stocks and going to cash
by iwog in #investing   1368 comments, latest 11 days ago
I'll be doing this today. I've determined that the odds of a 20-25% correction in the stock market is too high right now and prefer to watch from the sidelines...

Rex Tillerson called Trump a moron, Richard Haass asks Tillerson to resign (
by iwog in #politics   22 comments, latest 12 days ago
Donald Trump is a businessman. He's skilled in managing people. It's just TDS people, nothing to see here.............http://www.bu #politics

Donald Trump will fail to deliver on all of his key campaign promises in 2017 (
by iwog in #misc   159 comments, latest 14 days ago
- Obamacare reform or repeal- Wall- Infrastructure- Personal Tax reform - Corporate tax reform- Repatriation of illegals (deportations are actually down which is fucking amazing)- Prosecute Hillary ClintonThe only citeable...
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