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"The ventilators are operating to the maximum. It is believed that the equipment was overloaded"

IDK if something was lost in translation or non-technical writers, but this doesn't make sense. Ventilators don't "strain harder" or get overloaded by normal use. Their motors should be spec'd as continuous duty at maximum load and temperature. There might be a design flaw or shoddy construction at play, but the notion that they were "overloaded" doesn't make engineering sense.
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Tried to get some shit at Home Depot for the first time in a month. There were exasperated looking customers and harried looking employees in the "curbside pickup" area and a LONG ASS line to get in. Decided to leave, F that!
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Ceffer says
Is Greta the reincarnation of Rachel Carson, the herd panic environmental chanteuse of the 50's and 60's?

Bad comparison. If not for her work the world wouldn't have eagles or condors today. Entire neighborhoods of kids would chase the mosquito spray trucks and literally play in the insecticide mist.
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Either they'll be hailed as visionary geniuses, or wind up a sanctuary city for new Covid-19 cases and deaths.
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CBOEtrader says
he raped her again

It is strange, right? Rape me once, shame on you.

I've known total hippy-dippy women who were soooo passive and nonviolent to a fault that they wanted to allow a rapist to be allowed to remain in their midst. That said, the story in the OP reads more like right wing fanfic than a factual accounting of events by people directly involved.
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Tueller Drills are a firearm training exercise to see how close an enemy can be before he can run up and disarm you faster than you can draw and fire on him. Average is around 25 feet I understand.

When your starting conditions are being IN A TRUCK following the adversary who is on foot unarmed and you end up with him taking control of your gun, that is an EXTREME level of Tueller Drill and firearm control FAIL!
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HeadSet says
18? Looks at least 40.

Yeah that doesn't look 18 now, and when she's actually 40 that ass'll look like she's trying to smuggle doilies in twin restaurant service bags of Bisquik.

An ass like that is my Kryptonite, I must confess. Lay flat, clamp her legs together once I'm inside, and it's over quicker than Rin with a big tittied Realdoll. Plus you can make special effects by timing your thrusts around resonant frequencies and harmonics as posted before.
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just_dregalicious says
Hawaii hates tourists.

Never gone because of tales of hardcore discrimination by locals against tourists. Besides active aggression, this includes playing passive aggressive games like having a casual 5-10-however long minute small talk chat with the cashier making you wait to buy your one thing and go and calling it some native Hawaiian thing.
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It's almost as if the news industry thrives on sensationalism to drive profits, thus giving them perverse incentives to prioritize certain aspects of a story and downplay or not mention others. Tempting to attribute their behaviors to some grand top-down conspiracy, but when you peel away the layers it's a lousy dollar being grubbed after by every player bottom-up that's driving it all.
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Someone on Patrick posted a link to the Red Pill subreddit. It was like some final pieces of life's puzzles were found at last for me. It put many past events in a sensible light, and has strong predictive power in relationships moving forward. So, that.

When I was in second grade I had a shitty young teacher who took a disliking to me. It was she who taught me that some of the adults with authority over me were less intelligent as adults as I was as a child, and they were frequently petty and irrational. During the second half of the school year my parents finally DEMANDED that I be moved to the other classroom. The old biddy principal's final words to my parents were a rebuking, "You're making a TERRIBLE mistake!" I absolutely thrived in the new classroom and my grades soared, but I was soured on school and authority figures forever already.
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Jeez, where will hyperpolarized politics-as-sportsball lead next? Conservatives are standing up for Michael Moore when it's expedient for a moment, spinning this as some kind of "left eating their own" event, a narrative the Director appears to be hamming up for attention. However, the bone of contention is several SECONDS of copyrighted footage Moore allegedly used without permission. It's an absolutely trivial matter to replace or edit out the contested footage and have the video reinstated. Content providers like Youtube may or may not engage in selective removal for ideological reasons, but when there's a legit DCMA claim they are legally obligated to take certain removal actions. THAT is what this event is about. Get back to us when Youtube still won't allow the video with the contested seconds of footage removed.
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Just confirmed, if you search "Mystery method" on wikipedia you see the red link. One of the top results for that search is the page for Pickup Artist, which mentions MM several times.
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Cool, economic doom and gloom without going to Zerohedge.

GDP down 50% and unemployment numbers are absolutely insane! I hope for the best, but fear our economy is fucked and far from home no matter what we do now.

I think it would have been smarter to not give out trillions in stimulus money, and instead declare a 2 month deferral of rent and mortgage payments. This and proportionally small payments to divert food now being destroyed in the fields to food banks etc. We wouldn't have had to take on all this debt which quickly trickles up to the oligarch level leaving taxpayers with the bill for generations to come.
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Great, now I'm hearing in a lo-fi radio voice: "Fuck Adam-12! Fuck Adam-12! Riot in the streets!"
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Newbie123 says
Simple enough for you?

No. Looting a Nordstrom in Los Angeles over a murder in Minnesota not only negates sympathy, it perpetuates and worsens race relations.

I think it's time we set a precedent and NOT invest millions in burnt out ghettos. Leave them a poor dystopic ghost town for a generation everywhere this happens. Rebuild the nice areas and increase discrimination there. Bad play, rioters of color.
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BobbyD says
So does killing a black man on camera by using excessive force

What I'm trying to point out to you... we GET IT, the murder was awful, the cop and corrupt ones like him must be dealt with. I'd even accept a cash payout in the millions to the family.

What I'm saying is, the millions in damage and looting has nothing to do with this murder and has long since outstripped the outrage value of the murder they claim to be rioting for. In karmic balance,this damage should come out of the family's payout, and the balance of outrage and sympathy has been tipped away from the murdered man by the animalistic behavior of rioters.
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Newbie123 says
support the protestors

Rioters and looters /= protestors.
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Newbie123 says
bring them sunscreen as well.

Nah, their skin turning red as millions of cells commit suicide by apoptosis due to massive UV damage sounds about right, and is an apt metaphor for what all of the destructive rioters should do.
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If you're going to call it Haiku, at least try to come close to the correct format. These are low effort and sad.

With a nod to Pink Floyd:

If you break our locks
We'll send you home to Mother
In a cardboard box


Black lives matter, now
Watch as thugs perpetuate
A stereotype

I'm thirteen years old
Won't drive for years, but stole two
bottles antifreeze

Someone call police
Screams looter getting ass kicked
By the store's owner
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WookieMan says
Get an SUV with a hitch and buy a trailer.

Second this, even many passenger cars have aftermarket bolt-on hitches available. U-haul has competitive prices for hitches or if you DIY check etrailer dot com.

One of the only good things I ever bought from Harbor Freight was the 4X8 folding trailer.. Now they sell Haul-Master brand which is made in USA. Be sure and buy the better 12 inch wheels version. Build your own wood sides and voila! I never fold mine but if you need to it's a surprisingly small footprint, like 2X5 feet.

Mine has been used to haul huge loads of building materials, 8 engines, a dozen transmissions, and all manner of other abuses. The folding drawbar can be unpinned to make it act like a dump trailer.

I have 2 sets of wood sides depending on the particular hauling job. If deadheading I can strap the sides down flat for almost no air drag.

Renting a utility trailer can be stupid expensive especially around the first of the month, break even for a Harbor Freight is like 3-4 rentals. In CA, "permanent trailer registration" is good for 7-10? years and very affordable.
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FuckTheMainstreamMedia says
Wookie Man proposes union reform to help terminate problem officers. Crickets

I propose changing laws so that police don’t have so many probable causes to stop people. This will disproportionally help low income and minority community members. Crickets.

Democrats have been calling for these the whole time. Remember the Iraq war? It was conservatives who accepted flimsy evidence and backed the patriot act, TSA, and militarization of civilian police while calling liberals anti-Americans who should leave. If you're going to try to make this a democrat/republican issue you will be held to account for all of this history and policy.

As for fighting police unions, look again you will find conservative Republicans backing the police no matter what. Even the most strident anti-union conservatives treat the police union like a sacred cow and any criticism of it anti police and anti law and order. Then there are the police officers themselves, are you going to count them as bleeding heart liberals for defending their union, or maybe realize you've conceptualized the problem in a way that is functionally useless and disconnected from reality.
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To me the offensive thing isn't that it's "racis'" but that it was a stupid remark that doesn't make any sense and is devoid of ironic or humor value. Floyd-19, what is that supposed to mean? Shouldn't it be Floyd-20? Even then.

Reminds me of many right wing memes, or those shittily drawn cartoons that hardcore racist sites like resist dot com always ran. There are lots of things that I might disagree with but can see the wit and humor values put in to them. These, I don't even see what people who agree with them find appealing.

Ed: As for Crossfit, my opinion of it hasn't changed because of the CEO's brain fart tweet. I already thought they were too culty as workout programs go. I'm speaking as someone who has run many obstacle course races so no stranger to fitness and physical challenge.
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I demand that you plant your lips on my exposed derriere.
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NoCoupForYou says
All the Documentaries were "Bill Gates is Awesome and Should Be God Emperor of Us All" "Becoming Michelle Obama"

Plot twist: Netflix is recommending titles based on your wife's viewing history.

It's interesting scrolling through the recommendations of a system 3 people with very different view/search habits use.
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I don't have any problem wearing my mask inside stores etc. But GOD DAMN I'm sick of how idiotic people are and think humanity NEEDS a good culling with an IQ basis. I can't fault people for hastily acquired particulate masks, but my problem is companies are making PURPOSE BUILT covid masks with an exhale valve. This completely defeats the purpose of the mask, which is NOT to protect the wearer, but to block virus containing aerosol droplets from being exhaled into closed environments. Look how this ad LITERALLY DEPICTS moisture droplets bypassing the mask through the exhale valve.

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So the garden dies of stupidity after all, just not the exact manner we expected.
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Cool, a Polish politician finds LGBT to be against conservative ideas of tradition, and this is backed by an Israeli news source reminding that LGBT is proscribed in the Torah.

Sounds like someone's really reaching for confirmation bias this time out.
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Your critique is so knee jerk impulsive that you mislabeled communism twice.

Many of the same bias and bigotry processes affect black people and gay people. They are situational allies to the precise extent that people like FortWayne denigrate and harass them.
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Any proof of this claim other than a third party social media post?
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As for the "coordinated 322" claim, notice how the results are spread out over TIME. Google is finding local reports of area cases reaching a specific number. Try it with other numbers, say 322 +50-100. Rounded numbers like 320 show higher results, but the more you experiment with this the harder it is to maintain a conspiracy narrative.
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Why did you mislabel communism twice?

They are literally marching in the streets together, and you're claiming without anything to back it that they are not situational allies.
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One weird thing I noticed as a child 40 years ago, and it hasn't changed with at least one design update. AUNT JEMIMA'S MOUTH ISN'T CENTERED CORRECTLY ON HER FACE.
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If someone mask shames you while wearing a mask with an exhale valve rendering its protective properties completely useless, you should ruthlessly counter-shame them with everything you've got, from hypocrisy to stupidity to little Eichmannism.

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The same way two or more people routinely die in "confined" space incidents

Seeing the outdoor, raised nature of the pool in the video, there's almost no way this involved gas asphyxiation. Even with a plugged, rich burning pool heater, it doesn't seem likely to concentrate vapors enough for this scenario.

Probably a matter of 3 people who don't know how to swim, or if they did lacked the lifesaving skills to avoid being pulled under while rescuing another. Pools are SUPPOSED to have a tethered life ring and a long metal hook stick mounted nearby to prevent this exact scenario from unfolding.
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"A neighbor heard screaming from the backyard and called 911, East Brunswick Police Lt. Frank Sutter said. Officers arrived to find the three people dead in the above-ground pool."

WTF did they do, go sit down in the living room and turn the TV way up when they got off the phone with 911?
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WookieMan says
Religion is a cover for a lot of bad people like you say.

"Oh Bill the plumber is an honest man because he goes to church every Sunday and donates all sorts of money..." Well, Bill has been using the church for business networking and then making up fake repairs and uncharging the fuck out of you because you don't know plumbing, but you think he's an honest guy. You see it all the time if you look.

Strongly agrees with my own life experience. People like FortWayne unwittingly lend support and credibility to these opportunistic scum.

I am thinking of a used car lot in town that clanged their religion like a bell in front of them. On their sign, the phone number used a Jesus fish as the hyphen. On the office was a big banner with a bible quote, and for a while they had a small changeable message board with bible quotes. Like many used car dealers, they bought turds cheaply at auction and put most effort into cosmetic repairs and polishing. Once I bought a needy old car from them that they took as a trade. After 2 months and several calls they still hadn't sent the title. Strict laws govern the timing of this for car dealers. So I went in person, was ushered into a quiet back office festooned with crosses and religious knicknacks. The suited fop piously chided me for my impatience and reassured me the title would be sent soon. A few days later it showed up in the mail; accompanied by a glossy 5 color litho'd bible tract on TRUST. The title had obviously been sitting in their office the whole time, it wasn't a duplicate that had just arrived in the mail as they claimed.

Another guy, 50s executive at a regional hospital chain, another conspicuous bible thumper. He hit something on the freeway which caused some undercar damage. He proceeded to try to claim that other issues with the car were also caused by the accident, including a bent wheel that was clearly older damage and too far away from the recent damage to be from the same object. He kind of laid into the adjuster, getting a bit dickishly insistent and petulant. Well the insurer paid out for the damage for the incident, denied the remainder of his claims, then in a there-is-a-God-after-all move, raised his annual premium by more than the amount he tried to falsely pile on to his claim.
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Trigger discipline, BITCH!
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I work with flammable liquids in a hazardous occupation. I've dealt with flash fires right in my face, and burning liquid on my skin. I've had half my hair and an eyebrow singed off by fluids flashing into flame.

Looking at the picture, that absolutely does NOT match up with her description of what happened. The burn pattern is unlikely to happen through a driver side window. Her hair would be singed down to the skin on the right half of her head. There would be blisters.

These look more like the type of burns fireworks make, after you've cleaned the bluish-white residue off and it's had half a day or more to start scabbing up.
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The Red Pill take on JP is that he's a pseudo-enlightened figure who guides young men to be better plow horses for the establishment. He's hooked on pills and his daughter's life is not a wholesome example of the outcomes of JP's ideas and examples. He's a huckster who thrives on a generation of fatherless young men seeking guidance.

Before following any idea, system, ideology etc, observe carefully the lives of the people promoting it. As fellow huckster Dr. Phil says, "How's that working out for you?"
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I watched the "cracker" tiktok video in the thread. That used a lifetime allotment of patience with listening to this bitch.

Her voice makes Amy Schumer sound angelic by comparison.
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